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  • Charles Hall – As a professional bodyguard and private security expert for celebrities, artists, entertainers, and other high profile clients, Charles 30 plus years of experience in the private security sector is invaluable to his clients and colleagues and is an asset to all his security details. He believes in providing an unobtrusive, non-confrontational approach to his protective service allowing him to de-escalate situations to avoid a hostile environment. He proactively executes his assignments to mitigate risks and continuously trains both mentally and physically to best serve his clients in any given situation.

  • Charles latest clients and positions have been the Security Director and Personal Bodyguard for two-time Grammy Award Winner, Zac Brown Band. This position was held for four years before moving into the Atlanta film industry as the Field Manager for the leading security company in the film industry, Reel Security. Charles has worked with film industry giants, such as Marvel, Sony, Fox, and Paramount Films, to name a few.

  • Calvin Durham – A Georgia post certified lbw enforcement officer for the state of Georgia,private security expert, and executive protection specialist. Calvin has over 22 years of executive protection experience and law enforcement experience with the city of Atlanta Department of Corrections and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department. He specializes in the High Risk Transport of High RiskInmates throughout the state of Georgia a entire county.Calvin’s latest clients and positions have been the Executive Protection Specialist for Actor Kevin Spacey for the film “Baby Driver and actress Taraji P. Henson for the film “Hidden Figures”, Shad Moss (artist formally known as “Bow Wow”) and Frank Rodriguez (radio personality). He has worked Security for Oprah Winfrey, Wendell Pierce, and Traj Byers.
    Calvin has also worked with film industry giants such as Marvel, Sony, Fox, and Paramount Films just to name a few.