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Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a shared Security Officer program, where 2 to 3 homes share the cost of 1 or more Security Officers.
Neighbors can also decide on 4 or more homes with the minimum of 2 or more Security Officers.


1. Atlanta VIP Protection will supply each group of homes with an emergency contact number to the Officers for their block.
2. Armed or Unarmed Guards to patrol & monitor each home associated with theirblock. Frequency of patrols will be determined in the initial walk though with the home owners of each block.
3. Copies of Daily Activity Reports “UPON REQUEST ONLY”. Reports can be hand delivered directly to home owner, or left in mailboxes.

4. Officers will assist local Law Enforcement, Fire Department & EMS “IF NEEDED” with any emergencies that may occur on the
5. Officers can be scheduled with 12hr. or more notice to meet visitors, venders and/or delivery drivers to gain access to the property if gated. NOTE….Officers “Will Not” hold packages or any items for the property delivered, or dropped off by guest or vendors. Items can be placed by the officer in a designated area pre determined by the property
6. Atlanta VIP Protection will supply 24 hr. On Call supervisors to address concerns, coverage changes, etc.
7.Officers can be scheduled 7 days a week in 12 to 24 hr. shifts.


$30 an hr/Single Homes   
$45 an  hr for ASAP Officer/Single Homes
$40 an hr. for each officer/2 to 3 Home Blocks
$60 an hr for ASAP Officer/2 to 3 Home Block

We understand certain situations & arrangement may not be as straight forward as stated above, so we are flexible on rates & the number of officers for each block.

We look forward to doing business with you & your community in the near future.


Calvin Durham/CEO
PH: (678)-520-982 EMAIL:

Charles Hall/CFO
PH: (770)-756-5890